Our Story

First you start with love and care. Those don’t show up on the ingredients label, but we promise they’re there!


  1. Sourcing and buying raw cocoa beans.

    In the beginning, we ordered beans from all over the world. Like wine or coffee, different beans from different parts of the world yield distinct flavors based on climate or elevation. Now, we source our beans from Uganda in Africa. The farms are Direct Trade certified.

  2. Roasting the beans.

    Like coffee, cocoa beans need to be roasted to develop the complex chocolate flavors. This process is our favorite — it fills our entire kitchen with the smell of brownies.

  3. Cracking and winnowing the beans.

    The beans need to be cracked and winnowed to release the clean cocoa nibs.

  4. Processing everything together.

    During this step, the cocoa nibs, the allulose, and more cocoa butter are processed in a machine called a melanger that crushes the chocolate nibs with the cocoa butter and allulose to create a silky smooth product.

  5. Tempering or cooling the chocolate.

    The chocolate is cooled, tempered and poured into molds. We put our chocolate into a fridge for about half an hour to start the crystallization process — that’s what makes chocolate firm so that it cracks when you bite into it. That’s the hallmark of properly tempered chocolate.

  6. Tasting!

    This is the part where you come in. Whether it’s as a snack during the day or a treat for dessert, our chocolate is the perfect addition to your day. When you taste it, it’ll be easy to see why the cocoa bean’s genus is called Theobroma. Literally translated: Food of the Gods!